Beekeeper handling apiaries

The Barkman Way

Busy Bee Honey is packaged by Barkman Honey and was the first brand we created. The Barkman Honey family respects bees and treats them well — like people — and we believe they deserve the chance to grow and thrive. We acknowledge the commonalities we share with the honeybee. Just like them, we care for our families. We work hard. We persevere. We pass on a hard work ethic to our young. We are Barkman Honey.


Founded by beekeepers in 1960, Barkman Honey’s beekeeping roots go back to 1920 when great-granddad Esra Barkman began learning his trade in the bee yards and bought his first 30 hives. Today, his principles of honesty, integrity and servanthood guide our promise to put the finest honey on your table. Barkman Honey proudly carries on his legacy from our home base in Kansas, and locations all across the nation. We work with trusted, carefully selected beekeepers to procure high-quality, American-made honey, in addition to self-supplying through our own apiaries. We’re proud to lead the industry in high standards for honey safety, quality, purity and supply chain transparency — and are bold advocates for positive change in the U.S. beekeeping and honey industries.



We are driven by our commitment to maintain the sustainability of beekeeping — a profession that represents the best aspects of our nation, our agriculture and our values.


Our honey is made naturally by bees from the nectar they gather.

Bees in our care are treated well — gently and humanely.

Like humans, bees sometimes need extra care to fight pests and diseases.
When treatment is necessary, we always turn to natural and organic practices first.

All of our products meet Safe Quality Foods (SQF) standards in addition to True Source Certified® supply chain transparency.

We support industry research and bee health initiatives. This includes funding exceptional entomology departments for leading universities, such as the University of Florida and Cornell University, in addition to conducting our own primary field research to facilitate bee health initiatives.

We fund efforts in sustainable farming, beekeeping and habitat preservation.

History of Firsts

Barkman Honey was the first to:

Invest in a state-of-the-art lab to initiate rigorous safety and quality testing in the honey industry.

Certify a transparent supply chain through the True Source Certified® Honey program.

Develop an extraction facility survey tool that helps honey producers grade their facilities and ensure honey quality.

Offer an inverted container for honey.

Adopt Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certification standards in the honey industry.